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Our hosts are savvy women who have the following attributes:
- Great personal style
- Interest in fashion, art, design
-Well-connected in their community
-Have a home or space that can serve as a beautiful backdrop for the event
-More excited by unique, high quality items than logos/household brand names
-Excited to support young designers

If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you!
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MINISHOPs are one day events featuring up to 3 Brandshop designers that you love. They are held in your home or space.

The process to host events is extremely straightforward and our hosts receive a number of benefits including, but not limited to, a percentage of sales donated to a cause they love, a stipend to hire help with set-up and sales, exclusive pricing for personal purchases at the event, and discounts with Brandshop partners on wine, beauty, and other lifestyle services.

The designers we work with are contemporary to advanced contemporary price point brands. This means the selection is similar to what you might find at a high-end specialty store."

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What organization are you interested in supporting at a MINISHOP?

We also have a list of organizations you can choose from if you don't already have a cause in mind.
If you were to host a MINISHOP in your home (or space), how many people would you expect to attend. *

We limit hosts to holding only 2 MINISHOPS per year.

Were you referred to us by one of our brands, advisors, friends, or current hosts? *

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What type of sales do you think you might see if you were to host a MINISHOP event with us?

Depending on which brands you decide to partner with products range in price from ~$150 - ~$2500. A very loose estimate is great!

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